This year Luton Mela will be supporting two charities to help us give back to the community. this Years selected charities are Medical Relief international and Happy Days. See below for more information:

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Medical Relief International (MRI) is at present the fastest growing medical charity in the UK. Specialising in medical aid distribution, treatment and disability support provision, despite only being operational for just over a year, MRI has successfully completed life-changing medical projects in 4 continents worldwide.

MRI's international delivery unit of volunteers worked alongside the UN and other major international agencies during the European refugee crisis in Greece on the island of Lezvos distributing with our own hands over 40,000 warm Halal meals as well as providing valuable assistance to refugees in completing their forms and documentation, sign-posting injured children and vulnerable people to medical proffessionals and clinnics for treatment, translation services for the Greek authorities and a whole host of other tasks.

In Africa, MRI has provided thousands of pounds of specialist equipment to blind orphans allowing them to regain their independence through the power of learning, training and educational skills development.

In Gaza, MRI has worked alongside well-established trusted partner aid agencies such as the Near Eastern Council Of Churches (NECC) and others to re-build the maternity and neo-natal ward of Al-Shifah hospital which now serves 1200 women on a monthly basis.

MRI's Gaza team have also delivered on-going psychological support for traumatised children, donations of medicine/medical equipment to Gaza's most under-resourced clinnics and food pack deliveries to feed Gaza's most impoverished families. Recently, MRI provided Gaza's only specialist school for the disabled, sports equipment thanks to funds raised by Junior Acadamy Of Birmingham Sports allowing disabled children to enjoy sport not just for it's health benefits but also to address their psychological needs.

In Syria, through our partners MRI has provided 3000 bottles of children's medicine and over 20,000 basic meals to try to ease the suffering of the Syrian people during this very serious humanitarian crisis. In Sri Lanka, MRI has been on the front-line promoting the need to consume clean water particularly educating some of the country's most deprived communities for whom accessing clean water is a daily struggle.

In a very practical way, MRI has built just in the past few months over 30 life-changing water wells in these communities protecting them from diseases after the floods, providing for their livestock and allowing children to return back to school as carrying dirty water for miles on end is often a child's job.

Finally, in Pakistan MRI has provided various food distributions feeding some of the poorest communities specifically those who reside in the rural parts of the country.

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Happy Days Children’s Charity is the small charity making a big difference, working with communities across the UK to give courageous children coping with adversity memorable holidays, special days and magical experiences.

ince 1992, Happy Days has been gifting supportive breaks like trips to the seaside, theatres, zoos, museums, outdoor activity centres, sporting events and other educational and cultural activities, to children living with mental, physical and emotional difficulties.

or young people struggling with mobility issues, we bring the magic to them by arranging hundreds of fun and educational experiences at SEN (Special Educational Needs) schools and support groups every year.

s well as helping families and groups, we’re also proud to offer our support to other charities such as children’s hospitals and hospices, local women’s refuges and victim support services, to name just a few.  

ast year we supported over 23,000 children and their families, but we have thousands more waiting for our help.

It can cost as little as £10 to give a brave child a really special day, bringing them happiness and hope and a chance to escape their worries. We receive no government funding but with your help we're making a difference, one day at a time...

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